Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

MACT Standard (Maximal Achievable Control Technology)

EnviBATs wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) is robust and high-performance, designed to work in all applications, and deliver gas cleaning of the highest standard. In addition to having the industry’s highest availability, our wet esp just keeps on going, year after year, while maintaining full capacity.

Our wet electrostatic precipitators has a modular design. The rated capacity of each module is 1000 to 300,000 m3 / h. In larger installations, a number of modules can be installed parallel.

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  • Gas /module 1.000-300.000 m3/h
  • Emission 0.5 – 20 mg/Nm3
  • Purification-air 2-5 m3/h and insulator
  • Gas conditions saturated gas
  • Up flow- and down flow configurations
  • BACT-o-ROD rigid discharge electrodes
  • Hybrid design FRP / Stainless steel design
  • Exclusively stainless steel in construction
  • Rugged, heavy duty design
  • Modular design
  • Regular flushing during operation


Unique properties give many reason to choose WESP?

  • Lower emissions
  • Higher efficiency with regard to sub-micron particles
  • Capture both aerosols and solid particles
  • No fire
  • No moving parts
  • Dust resistance immaterial  – wet systems
  • No rapper re-entrainment
  • Higher voltage levels


  • Incineration of hazardous waste
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Fire Laboratories
  • Sulfur and acid plants
  • Manufacture of detergents
  • Boilers
  • Control of acid and ammonia fog
  • Coke Ovens
  • Fishmeal Dryers
  • Smelters
  • Potato Treatment
  • Carburetors
  • Tea and cocoa roasters
  • Vaneer Dryers
  • Dryers for wood panels
  • OSB Dryers
  • MD Dryers

In this comparison between filter technologies, you can clearly see the many benefits  of wet electrostatic precipitator.


How EnviBat’s wet electrostatic precipitator work

The saturated particle laden flue gas enters the filter from either top or bottom.
The gas is distributed evenly between the vertical “tubes”.
Tube walls are electrically grounded and form collector electrodes. In the center of each tube is a discharge electrode. A high negative voltage is applied to the discharge electrode. The gas nearest the electrode is ionized by a corona discharge. The aerosols and dust particles in their passage become negatively charged by the influence of gas ions. The particles are controlled thereby to the electrically grounded collector. Particles and aerosols are attached and stored temporarily on the tube walls. Particle sludge leaves the tube at the bottom. EnviBAT has a unique, patented design that makes our wet electrostatic precipitator extremely high performance while delivering high availability with minimum maintenance.

F.A.Q. for Air Pollution Control PM2.5

Finns det någon annan teknologi med samma ultrarenande egenskaper?

Nej. Envibats gasreningsteknologi är den bästa teknologi som världen har att tillgå. Den skyddas också av världspatent. Anledningen till att det är den bästa teknologin är att ingen annan teknik ger så stor minskning av mängden partiklar i både PM2.5 och PM10, samtidigt som den tillhandahåller en extrem tillgänglighet. Kombinera detta med vår värmeåtervinningsteknologi så får du en lösning som också drar nytta av en kraftig minskning i energiförbrukning och kostnader, ofta med korta återbetalningstider som följd.

Is there any other technology with the same ultra air cleaning properties?

No. Envibat's Air Pollution Control is the world's best technical solution. It's also protected by world patents. The reason why it's the best technology is because no other technology offers such high reduction in particulates in both PM2.5 and PM10, at the same time as it offers extreme availability. Combine it with our heat recovery technology and you will find yourself looking at a solution which also benefits from huge reduction of energy consumption and costs, often resulting in a very short payback time.