Consulting Services


We back up your project!

We have the capacity to offer advanced design and engineering services for your project in terms of emissions control. Our experience goes back decades, and we have applied our expertise on projects from many different industries. On this site you will find some of them. Tell us what you want to accomplish, then we can help you find the best route to take. This means that we will help you apply the best technology available at a very competitive price. Our way of working with the emission reduction also provides an additional value that many customers did not initially expect. Such as improved availability and reduced energy consumption. Today we help you with:

•  Feasibility Studies

•  Technology

•  Development of specifications

•  Trimming

•  Streamlining

F.A.Q. for Technical- and Design services

I need help verifying the required APC capacity, can you help?

Yes. We are often hired for specialist technical and design work, often in early stages of new projects or before old facilities are being refurbished to meet new standards. Never hesitate to contact us and ask how we can help you. We promise it's worth your time!