Gas cleaning

Within the industry, there are lots of different gases with impurities in the form of particles and gases. These contaminants are often dangerous and affect both man and nature. EnviBAT provides particle removal in the form of wet electrostatic filter that can purify the gas to levels that are not measurable. Scrubbers are used for gaseous pollutants which have a very flexible yet advanced technology.

Heat Recovery

Energy consumption is increasing as are the prices for electricity and heat. To get a more economical plant, it is important to keep the heat losses at a minimum while being as efficient as possible. Heat recovery is a must in most plants today, regardless of type. EnviBAT delivers systems for condensation, which transfers heat from gas to liquid and heat exchange from gas to gas.

Water purification

When purifying a flue gas, it is often combined with the condensation of steam. The acquired water is often contaminated and must be purified. A particle remover may be sufficient for smaller plants while larger plants requires removal of heavy metals, metal ions, ammonia, etc. No matter what your requirements may be, we can develop a treatment that is tailored for you.

Consulting Services

EnviBAT is an engineering company where employees combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Because we have built numerous plants, we have also encountered problems in all forms. Thanks to these experiences, it is possible to hire us before a project or contract for pre-planning and various investigations to ensure that the technology at your facility is optimal for your particular requirements