Improved result for 2012

Envibat’s result for 2012 was the company’s best result ever.

- We have been using most of our result for many years for investments in further product development. But now we consider the intense product development phase over, and we have shifted our focus towards letting the world know about this revolutionizing technology that we have, comments Envibat’s CEO Harry Johansson.

During the past year, this has resulted in increased demand from customers world-wide.

- It is most gratifying to see our hard work over so many years turn into working APC facilities around the globe, and making a contribution towards less pollution.

And 2013 has begun in the same way that 2012 ended.

- There are many companies and authorities that has discovered us and what we can offer. We foresee an explosion in demand over the coming years, says Harry Johansson.

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