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Although much of the industrialized world is moving towards recovery, a large amount of waste needs to be managed. The waste is often burned and the moisture-saturated flue gas is perfect for our for flue gas cleaning technology.

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Fire Laboratories

Fire laboratories perform different types of tests and experiments to analyze the characteristics of products and materials , when exposed to fire. Using these data , manufacturers can improve their products, fire resistance, and their longevity. Although the fire is controlled in a laboratory, many toxic substances are formed and these must be removed before the air is released into the environment.
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Power Plants

Power Plants that use any kind of solid or liquid carbon based fuel (fossile or biomass) produce large amounts of particles and are prime candidates for the use of EnviBat’s technologies.

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Chemical Industry

The chemical coctail produced by hundreds of thousands of chemical industries all over the world puts life on Earth at risc. It is important to reduce the uncontrolled chemical contamination, and the reduction of chemical byproducts in flue gas is one important aspect of this.

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Food Industry

Fishmeal Dryers, Tea- and cocoa Dryers, Plants for the potato processing… the list of energy-consuming food industries is long. And we offer solutions to prevent combustion products from entering the athmosphear which offers a key advantage in Your marketing communications. Consumers do care that their food is produces with a minimal environmental impact!

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Our technology has the capacity to completely alter the prerequisites for any industry that needs to get rid of highly toxic waste. Pharmaceutical industry is one example.

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The metal industry is at the very centre of our civilization’s needs. But it is energy consuming and contributes to heavy metal- and chemical contamination in the environment. We help eliminate this contamination.

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The forest industry

Paper- and pulp mills use large quantities of heat and electricity. Because of this, the industry is very vulnerable to price variation and the processes must continuously be streamlined to stay competitive. EnviBAT offers equipment for Heat Recovery that helps substantially reduce energy costs.

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