Air Pollution Control

Finns det någon annan teknologi med samma ultrarenande egenskaper?

Nej. Envibats gasreningsteknologi är den bästa teknologi som världen har att tillgå. Den skyddas också av världspatent. Anledningen till att det är den bästa teknologin är att ingen annan teknik ger så stor minskning av mängden partiklar i både PM2.5 och PM10, samtidigt som den tillhandahåller en extrem tillgänglighet. Kombinera detta med vår värmeåtervinningsteknologi så får du en lösning som också drar nytta av en kraftig minskning i energiförbrukning och kostnader, ofta med korta återbetalningstider som följd.

Is there any other technology with the same ultra air cleaning properties?

No. Envibat's Air Pollution Control is the world's best technical solution. It's also protected by world patents. The reason why it's the best technology is because no other technology offers such high reduction in particulates in both PM2.5 and PM10, at the same time as it offers extreme availability. Combine it with our heat recovery technology and you will find yourself looking at a solution which also benefits from huge reduction of energy consumption and costs, often resulting in a very short payback time.

Heat Recovery

Will EnviBAT’s heat recovery increase the electricity produced by our plant?

No. Heat recovery means excess heat in combustion gases are recovered and brought back into your system. This means a reduction of energy consumption, and a reduction in energy costs. Often a significant reductionk, but unless the energy used is electricity from your own plant, then our solution will not increase electricity output. In the end it means the same: a more profitable operation.

Technical and design services

I need help verifying the required APC capacity, can you help?

Yes. We are often hired for specialist technical and design work, often in early stages of new projects or before old facilities are being refurbished to meet new standards. Never hesitate to contact us and ask how we can help you. We promise it's worth your time!