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Envibat WESP
WESP-Wet Electrostatic
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Envibat WESP-System
WESP-Upgrading System
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Envibat EGB
EGB-Electrified Gravel
Bed Precipitators
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Envibat VEP
VEP-Vertical dry
Electrostatic Precipitator
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Envibat REVAC
REVAC Bag Filters
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More than 35 years experiences in research, development, installations and industrial use give EnviBat a unique position in the APC-field. EnviBat´s products have been proven to meet stringent emissions regulations and to improve process performance.
EnviBat also provides equipment and expertise to upgrade existing air pollution control equipment at significant savings over purchasing new equipment. With flexibility in layout design, EnviBat´s equipment can typically be retrofitted into existing plants without compromising performance.



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