The Best Available Technology – BAT

There is a need for new technologies to reduce pollution from gases, particularly in the area where small particles (PM 2.5), increases. This means that new techniques for purifying gases constantly being developed across the whole world. Despite this, we feel confident with this statement: There is no better technology available anywhere that can reduce pollutants from flue gas as well as our patented technology.
Our technology has been developed over a period of 30 years and we know there are many techniques and not all are equally good choices. These requirements apply not only to reduce emissions in the gas, but also that the technique is effective while not deteriorating over time. The technology must be robust so that it is always available when you need it and your industry should never have to stand still because of maintenance to the flue gas purification plant.
Our technique accounts for all of this. It also provides the option to reduce electricity consumption by providing very low pressure drops. Besides all this, our technique gives you opportunities through marketing. Ask your marketing department what it would mean to you if you could say to your customers that you use the best available technology (BAT) for gas purification.

Benefits of our Technology

Unprecedented gas cleaning

Our technology has been proven to greatly reduced emissions, including submicron paticles (PM2.5) in a way that other technologies cannot match.

The levels of PM2.5 that we offer today are lower than tomorrow’s requirements.

Reduced energy consumption

We can also offer solutions that reduce energy consumption by combining our wet electrostatic precipitator for gas cleaning with flue gas condensation.

Robust technology

Our technology is robust. There are no filters, and hence no need to stop the system to change or clean the filter. The plant just goes on in a continuous cycle. It does not build up any impurities on the inside so the efficiency does not deteriorate with time which provides the same low emissions – year in and year out.

Particles and aerosols

Another important difference between EnviBAT’s technology and other solutions is that our technology can also handle aerosols of different kinds. This means that our filter system handles everything that the flue gas contains. You do not have to worry about that a change in the plant, in production, the fuel mix or any new additions of different particles and aerosols will disrupt gas cleaning, as our technology does it all.

It’s Proven!

The first installation of our filter technology was the 1995. Since then we have continued to refine the technology and today you can find installations of it around the world. This is not a “promising future technology.” It is already here – it is used, and it works!