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* Air Pollution Control PM2.5
* Heat recovery
* Water treatment

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Our mission is to provide the Environmental Frontiers with high performing Air Pollution Control (APC) Equipment.

We offer high performance cutting-edge technologies in the exhaust gas cleaning, heat recovery and water treatment industries.

More than 35 years experiences in research, development, installations and industrial use gives EnviBat a unique position in the exhaust gas cleaning industry. EnviBat´s products have been proven time and time again to exceed stringent demands made by law makers which in turn improves the environment. Envibats products are designed to meet both current and pending regulatory demands. This provides extra security as existing legislation is tightened, as well as compliance with new laws.

EnviBat also provides equipment and expertise to upgrade existing facilities which often provides substantial savings compared to buying new facilities. Through flexible layout design, it’s almost always possible to place our equipment in existing facilities without compromising performance.

The combination of exhaust gas cleaning and heat recovery provides a much cleaner facility that provides a short payback period.

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